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Video Player SDK & Analytics API

Amplify viewer experiences with a custom video player and data-driven insights.

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Developers Love Our SDKs and APIs

With StoryXpress SDKs and APIs, you can expect well-documented and detailed instructions, enabling quick and easy preliminary implementation. Our dedicated support is just a text away, ready to assist whenever required.

Why Choose our Player SDK & Analytics API?

Seamless Playback

Embed a video player for an immediate, high-quality playback post-recording. Enhance user experiences with smooth, buffer-free video streaming.

Adaptive Streaming

Ensure the best viewer experiences with adaptive streaming. Automatically adjusts video quality based on a user's network conditions.

In-depth Insights

Drive decisions with analytics to assess video performance. Optimize user engagement and video content based on actionable data.


Well-documented APIs and SDKs, easy implementation, and continuous support. A toolset your developers will love.

Brand Consistency

Retain brand identity with customizable video player aesthetics. Offer an integrated and consistent viewer experience.

Lightweight Yet Robust Setup

Our lightweight setup is backed by the ideal technology, configurations, and infrastructure to provide you with an exceptional video infrastructure.

Provide potent playback.

Prove performance with precision.

Propel platform potential.

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Integrate Video Player & Analytics Into Your Product

Level up your platform by embedding a custom video player and harnessing the power of video analytics with our comprehensive SDK.