Do you ever find yourself looking for unboxing videos on YouTube to get a feel of the new gadget? Maybe you already decided on buying it but still wanted to have a look. Remember those early Apple product launches? Apple as a brand was built on those turtleneck product launches. There is something inherently captivating about demo videos.

Steve Jobs said, "People don't know what they want, until you show it to them."

This is exactly why Apple has a net worth of $1 Trillion. Demo videos are a great way to connect with your audience and build trust. It creates an intimacy between a lead and your product. Demo videos done right convert faster than OTOs (one time offers).

  • What is a Demo Video?
  • Types of Video Demonstrations with examples
  • How to record Demo Videos
  • Demo Videos and Conversion Strategy
  • Best product Demo Videos

What is a Demo Video?

A demo video, or a product demonstration video is a short educational video about a product. It is a simple to the point video that shows the use case of a specific product. But it is not a user's manual. Demo videos are a classic through the funnel marketing technique that works well to generate leads and to initiate action. You can use a demo video all across the funnel with slight changes.

A good demo video is a practical overview through a consumer's perspective.This means, highlighting the features of a product that will be most useful to an average customer. And, a basic how-to demonstration for the slightly tricky features. Since, the idea is to make your product or service more approachable, keep it simple.

What's the best thing about demonstration videos?

It is that they also provide entertainment value. A demo video makes for good brand engagement for an audience you didn't even consider. And if your demo video contains quality content, it makes is instantly shareable. People gravitate towards videos that titillate them.

Video Demonstrations are virtual sales rep. Although it is not about making a hard pitch but a comprehensive overview. So it has entertainment value but it should be true to the product.

Another goal of making demo videos is to disarm competitors' misinformation propaganda. The average lead does a lot of comparisons in the middle of the funnel. Demo videos are a great tool to stay ahead in comparisons through simple straight facts. And since they are communicated over a video, they make a lasting impression.

Drive More Sales With Simple & Engaging Demo Videos
Simple & Engaging Demo Videos Drive More Sales

Types of Demo Videos with examples

Demo videos don't follow a strict pattern, barring a few basic points. There are various ways to record a demo video. Here are a few types of demo videos.

Animation Demo Videos

Animation demo videos are videos that don't use live action to describe your product. It gives you a break from the real world showcasing and simplifies complex ideas. They work for all kinds of products, whether they are physical or virtual.

  • Don't require the actual product.
  • Low budget.
  • Creative freedom.

Animation demo videos are quiet common because they are low budget and allow creative freedom. You get to play around with graphics, and characters to create that long lasting impression. Even if you don't use an entirely animated video, it is recommended to include some form of animation in your demo video.

Watch this stop motion animation product demo video from Zendesk. It builds an instant connect with the audience. It is just over a minute long but it explains the problem and offers a solution within the first 50 sec.

Screen Capture Demo Video

A screen capture demo video, captures your device's screen for stats and graphics, or the product itself to exhibit the product. Screen capture demo video can also include a live action webcam capture.

  • Works well for non physical product or service.
  • Show graphics and statistics.
  • Record both screen and web cam using a screen recorder.
  • Low budget.

You don't need even need to add audio to a screen capture demo video, if you are showing a product. Using a sensational style music and graphics can have a lasting impression. Watch this product launch demo video from InVision Studio. It is a simple to the point short demo video that shows the tool through screen capturing an edit. It dives straight into the functioning, and subsequently highlights the features.

You can also make a screen capture video live action by including your web cam screen. It is the same format but with the added humanization. It allows you to explain your product, or features without filming a live action video separately. You can use a screen recorder that captures you web cam and screen like the Screen Recorder & Video Editor by StoryXpress: this also lets you edit and use customize branding.

Live Action Demo Video

A live action demo video is like a short film, that follows a script to show case your product. You need actors, a set and a good camera to record this format. Although, it might seem that live action demo videos work only for physical products. But they work really well for non physical products as well.

  • Works well for physical and non physical products.
  • Medium budget.
  • Creative freedom.
  • Requires a good camera, and set.

Watch this demo video from Slack that uses a live action format to showcase their software tool.

The good thing about live action demo videos is that this is a format that an audience is used to. And it establishes a human connect with the audience straight away. You can include CTAs at various points in this format for lead generation. And use it to evoke trust if you are using it at the bottom of the funnel.

Live Demo Video

Unlike all of the above a live demo video format is not pre recorded. Instead, it is a live demo of your product through video conferencing. It could be multiple member video conference talking about the product in detail or simply highlighting the features.

  • Works well with both physical, non physical products.
  • Low to medium budget.
  • Record both screen and web cam using a screen recorder.
  • Requires a good internet connection.

This is similar to the screen capture demo video format, but it live. So setting up a good connection is must. It works well for both physical and non physical products. This format tends to be a bit longer in duration, and can be used for product launches or how-to tutorials.

Watch the classic 2007 iPhone product launch hosted by Steve Jobs. Although this also boasts a live audience, it was widely viewed throughout the world via a live video stream.

How to Record Demo Videos

To record a good demo video, there are a few basics to keep in mind.


A good demo video is aimed at highlighting the features, showcasing the inherent use case. To do that successfully, you should have a good research base. This includes studying:

  • The problems faced by your target audience. Do this using social media platforms like Reddit, Quora, Facebook groups, and through surveys.
  • How your own product or service offers a solution to it. Open up original documents of your product and go through the user's manual.
  • Study what your competitors have to offer. Use social media platforms and Google reviews for competing services.

Make a script

No matter what template you choose, having a script is imperative. Even if you don't make a word by word script, like you have to for the live action demo video format. Make a loose script to follow.

  • Make a note of all important points. This is a list of all the points you have to address. This comes in handy especially during a live video demo. And will help you to make a cumulative script.
  • Make a loose script. Using the important points, make a loose flow of the video that includes the entire video. From graphics, animations, text that should pop up. Include all these small pointers in this script. And dialogues, depending upon your format.

Practice Shoot

After you have the script ready shoot a practice recording to check the time duration. If you are using the animation demo video format, use the first draft for this. This is to make sure you have the right set up. This means getting together whatever you require for your set up. Be it a screen recorder or a camera.

Especially, for the live-action and live demo video formats, this shoot will come in handy. If you are following a strict script, this shoot will help you with feedback. And with a loose script, it will help you manage the time duration.

Keep it simple

Don't go overboard with the features of your product. Keep it concise and only address two or three major issues for a short demo video. You are free to expand for a longer length demo video.

Don't overdo the call to actions, or add intense graphics. Use a pattern of graphics in edit, don't add too many comical animations that stray the attention.

If you feel you need to add more features to your video, link the video with to a longer video or blog. Avoid bashing competitor's products.

Prepare a Checklist

To avoid any last minute fumbles, keep everything from your camera set up to the props on a checklist. So before you start your actual shoot, you should have everything ready.


Demo Video and Conversion Strategy

Demo videos are made to serve a purpose. Although, they can be used throughout the marketing funnel; it is in best practice to decide before hand what is your goal.

A good strategy comes from good research. Research your target audience thoroughly through every tool at your behest. Use social media like Reddit, Quora, Facebook Groups, Twitter Advanced search to get an insight into queries. These are the problems you will be addressing through your demo video. Also, research your own data files thoroughly for strategies already in place.

  • Research the common queries
  • Identify your Goals
  • Where is your bounce rate the highest?
  • Decide a demo video type for your need
  • Make an action plan

Also, find out on what platforms are people consuming demo videos for your industry. This also should resonate with your service.

Are people more likely to purchase your product through mobile phones or through desktops? Accordingly, your demo video should be placed.
Platforms like Snapchat and Instagram see more viewing through mobile phones. But Youtube, Facebook, Twitter set their ground roots through desktops, and are easily accessible through it. So, this will accordingly determine how many clicks you get on CTAs.
What is the stage of your funnel where you get most drops? That is where you should place your demo video. Aim your demo video accordingly.

If you are just trying to build awareness, in the top of the funnel, make a short sensational demo video. Run ad campaigns using this video. Remember the types of YouTube Video ads that appear while you watching your videos.

For the middle of the funnel, if you goal is just retention of attention: make a demo video that includes testimonials. This will build trust and invoke action.

Similarly, at the bottom of the funnel, push the conversions by using a demo video that highlights the benefits aggressively.

So, analyze the scenario you are it, and make a demo video specific to that.

Best Product Demo Videos

  1. Airtable uses a demo video to serve at the top of the funnel. They use an overview short video in the animation format. It is to address a first step lead that wants to know more about the product. It is a short video that addresses the use case, the problems right from the beginning of the video. It is simple, short, low budget and attention grabbing.
  1. Survey Monkey uses the animation and screen capture format together to show the functioning of their product. You see everything you get as a product, so it works great for the nudge required in the middle of the funnel.
  1. The bottom of the funnel videos can be a bit tricky to keep short in duration. Because in the testimonial format you have so much data, you tend to go overboard. Mailchimp uses the testimonial format to show how a real user uses their product efficiently, whilst describing the product itself.
  1. Some demo videos fit in as they are in different stages of the funnel. Slack made this genius video using the live action and screen capture format for a short demo video. The video is a walk-through style use case video. Slack uses an actor that gives a informative yet short video that fits throughout the funnel.
  1. Duolingo does something interesting. It is a phone app demo video that demonstrated the app use through the animation format. But, they also use the screen capture and graphics for a comprehensive overview. It offers straight up facts that work great to generate leads and build trust.