Motivating remote sales team and keeping a track of their performance goals aren't easy. Here are some Powerful Sales Strategies to help them convert maximum leads.

The current COVID crisis has affected businesses of all shapes and sizes. it has forced the working diaspora to stay at home and devise new strategies to perform their duties as efficiently as they would from the office.

The Pandemic hasn't just affected the way organizations function but has also brought a drastic shift in the buyers' behaviour.

As a reason, your Remote Sales team, irrespective of its size, might be facing unforeseen challenges at multiple levels in terms of prospecting, capturing leads and converting them into customers.

Remote Sales is a completely new idea! Because when it comes to making a potential customer see value and invest in a product, there is nothing as effective and remarkable as face-to-face interactions.

However, Social distancing has completely stripped you off of your chance to meet  prospects in person, lay down the foundation for a long term business relationship and get them to close the deal.

As a growing video technology provider, I think StoryXpress can help Remote Sales teams see value in videos, and can educate them on the many different ways videos can be utilized to connect, communicate and close deals.

Connect with Videos: Make a great first Impression

There is nothing as effective as meeting a prospect in person. However, with social distancing becoming the new normal, your best alternative to face-to-face interactions are videos, uniquely tailored for every individual.

The StoryXpress platform automatically creates a customizable GIF thumbnail for all your video messages that you can share with anyone, across any platform.  

An engaging GIF Thumbnail is all you need to capture the Prospect's attention and get him/her to open the message and take the desired action.

When reaching out through emails, a Powerful Sales Strategy could be to send a compelling short-crips text along with a GIF thumbnail. (Video message link). It improves the CTR.


Capture Leads from right within the Videos

Add attractive annotations within the video, to make your videos interactive and to compel leads into taking the desired action now.

You wouldn't want customers to witness some amazing content around your product and then completely forget about it.

The best you can do to keep them hooked is to add a CTA to your videos so they can instantly click on the link, consume the idea and become your loyal customers.  

Video Call to action CTA

Visual Demos to give an interactive overview of your Product

Imagine sending your prospects a long text-heavy email speaking about your products’ multiple functionalities.

They might open it, but would close and forget about it almost immediately. Nobody has that kind of time on them! ‌‌

Videos catch their attention, get them involved and help them understand even the most complicated features in minutes.

All you have to do is, create a 2-3 minute video about your product and share it with your clients through a simple copy paste link.  

Product demo

Let Videos Navigate your Sales Engine

At every step in your Sales cycle, remember, that you aren't selling a product but a value that has the potential to change your buyer's life.

Now, you can see how videos can replace plain messaging. From reaching out to having a conversation, to closing a deal, a video lets you and your potential buyer indulge into, express and understand the idea.

What separates asynchronous video communication from your regular video calls is that it gives prospects the time and privacy to think, research and make a decision at their own pace.  

It is gives prospects the power to lead the Sales cycle in their desired way.  

Asynchronous communication

Keep Track of Video Engagements to Deliver Effective Follow Ups

Within the StoryXpress Platform, you are notified in real time for every single View you get on a Video.

Plus, you can see how many people are watching your content, how are they interacting with it, which parts of a video have been skipped and which are being re-watched multiple times.

This kind of Video tracking gives you an idea about what is working and what isn't working with your customers. You can use this knowledge to make your video follow ups more interactive, engaging and customer centric.

Advanced Analytics such as impressions, views, click through rates and conversions help you understand how your content is being consumed, and how you can tweak it to make videos work in your favor.

Advanced Tracking

Drive Prospects to Book Meetings in a Jiffy

Gone are the days when Sales Professionals were required to pursue prospects to get them to commit for a meeting.

Now, you can a add a meeting link at the end of a convincing video to make prospects see value in your product and hit connect instantly.

With StoryXpress and Calendly integration gone live, you can now set meeting links  at the end of all your videos, and the viewers can book a slot for themselves directly from within the video.

It removes the friction of having to take the prospects to a different page, or to make them click on an additional link. The integration has made sales so much smoother and efficient.  

Book meetings

Wrapping Up

Your remote sales teams don't just have to use videos to connect with customers but can in fact use them to stay connected within themselves.

For example, the manager can create videos about a deal that got successful and can circulate it around for motivating remote teams.

At last, we have reached the end, where the deal is closed and won. Once the lead has been passed to the customer success team, they are shifted to the category of close.

For this step, you can record and send a nice video thanking your customer and introducing them to the customer success team. The customer success team will then take over and make sure that the customer is happy and satisfied with the service.

If you are looking for a Video platform that can help your remote sales team stay connected, create personalized outreach pitches and most importantly boost sales

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